Just months ago planning permission was granted for the first micro pub to be set up in Scotland, the location is set to be in Kelso in a former knitwear store.

Behind bringing the idea to Scotland is a couple from Chirnside who have background history in renovations, Simon and Debbie Rutherford. The couple were inspired to open their own micro pub after visiting others in Berwick and Sheffield.

Following the micro pub tradition, no electronic entertainment will be provided within the pub, such as TV’s and gambling machines, providing customers with a ‘community feel’ as they converse with each other. Nor will you find hot food being served. The Rutherfords will however be serving locally sourced pies and cheese along with the local ales.

Simon and Debbie say that “it’s going to be so much more than a pub” with Debbie going on to say “In a pub this size you are going to get chatting to people. Even if you are whispering people are going to overhear what you are saying, so it is a really good chance to get to meet people and talk to people and enjoy a really fantastic ale.”

The first micro pub in Scotland officially opened it’s doors just last week, on July 10th.

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  1. david bendelow

    Smashing place,always a stout or porter on,when in Kelso always pop in ,just like my local the Curfew