Bradford Brewery planned to expand their business by converting the currently vacant property located on Saltaire Road, into a 60 capacity micropub & bottle shop.

In the application from Bradford Brewery they said: “This site has had a number of short-term tenants over the past ten years, including a car sales lot, an off-licence, a furniture shop and a carpet shop.

“The proposal here is for the operation of a single ground-floor room as a ‘micro-pub‘ and bottle shop, selling local produce for consumption on and off the premises.

“This mixed form of operation is relatively new and has already been acknowledged as being a successful addition to local facilities elsewhere, with no significant implications for nearby occupiers.

“It is considered that the proposals fall outside the normal definition of a public house and are of such small-scale that there are unlikely to be any significant implications for local amenity.”

The planning application was however turned down by Bradford Council, who also refused other applicants wanting to bring a new drinking establishment to the premises in 2012 and again earlier this year.

Council Planning Officer, Laura Eastwood said: “There is an extensive history of attempts to change the use of this premises to a drinking establishment.

“It is unclear what the ratio of retail sales and eating and drinking on the premises will be, but this is a a fairly substantial unit and the floor area dedicated to drinking on the premises will be difficult to control.

“It is likely that the predominant use of the premises will be as a drinking establishment and potentially not what is considered to be a “micropub” given the size of the unit.

“It is accepted that there are several existing pubs and takeaway businesses and a busy main road in the immediate vicinity.

“However, it is considered that a drinking establishment will result in more noise and disturbance to surrounding streets than the existing arrangement.

“It is therefore considered that the proposal will have a detrimental impact on residential amenity.”

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