Mr Sean O’Neill is seeking permission from Charnwood Borough Council to convert the former electronics shop into a new micropub, located in The Rushes, Loughborough. The previous store has been closed for a number of years and hasn’t been opened since.

Sean will not be serving any draught larger in the micropub if his plans are approved, only bottled craft larger and said within his application that: “I have a passion for good quality cask ale, cider and wine.

“My vision is to give the people of Loughborough and Charnwood something different, with ales sourced from small producers locally and nationally.

“I would intend that many of these ales would only appear once, appealing to the cask ale enthusiast.

“It would be my intention to hold regular events that introduces people to some of the amazing diversity of ales, ciders and wines available from all around the world.

“In essence, helping people to enjoy a drink rather than have a drink.

“I intend to use the premises as a place for local groups to meet, and as a place for local emerging talent to perform and exhibit, including musical, comedy, art and photography, poetry and literature.

“I have lived in the Loughborough area for most of the last 35 years, and own a number of businesses which create jobs for local people directly and indirectly.

“This new venture would continue to do so, and would also allow me to grow one of these businesses, namely Wicked Hathern Brewery Ltd, creating further employment.”

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