Adam Lacey currently runs his own “micropub” from the comfort of his shed where he holds special events and private beer festivals for his friends. Adam soon decided he would like to turn this hobby and love for ale into a business, resulting in him leaving his previous job in storage where he had worked for 17 years.

Adam now plans to open his own official micropub in East Grinstead that will only serve real ales – straight from the barrel. Speaking of his plans Adam explained:

“I’m really looking to open one of the more traditional style pubs that cater for the art of old-fashioned beer drinking, rather than being bombarded by music, TVs and all the things which come with modern pubs – what I would call a proper old-school wet pub.”

“You’ve only got a couple of chances in life to try and do something you really want to do. I’m taking a bit of a gamble, but I’m looking forward to it.”

For the past few months Adam has been looking for the perfect location to open up his new pub and is now looking towards public opinion on the matter.


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