Nearly 10 years ago, residents of Garboldisham lost their local drinking establishment but now, the Garboldisham Fox Community Interest Company have saved the property from redevelopment and with the help from volunteers, they have converted the old property into a micro pub, The Fox Inn.

Chairman of the interest company, Peter Smith said: “It is wonderful. I love the way the whole village has come together.

“I have had so many volunteer mornings – people just turn up, I point them to a job and it gets done. The range of skills we have in the village is amazing. It is coming on really well and I am really pleased.

“A lot of the people have just come to help because they want their pub back.

“Now the village owns it we can love it properly, as it has not been for the last 30 years. We are determined that we are going to do it properly.”

Peter’s wife, Lynne added: “I have never poured a pint in my life, but everything is going well so far. We are learning as we go along.

“Peter has had so much support from people offering their services for nothing or mates’ rates, everyone who was able to do something and even some people who could not.

“It has certainly got a lovely atmosphere so far but we are hoping to get the front room done before Christmas and get another fire put in.

“I think people have been waiting for this for so long, and so far the feedback has been terrific.”

William Nunn, leader of Breckland Council said: “We thought it was brilliant. It was so good to see so many people from the village there to support it. The fact that so many people came along and that it had brought so many people together for the restoration is excellent – so many people have come out to help to bring it back to life.

“It is only the first stage in a long journey but it has got a lot of support behind it and I am sure that the council will do everything we can to assist that.”

The building still requires lots of restoration work, which is estimated to cost £300,000 over two years.

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