We previously announced Neil Mansell’s plans to bring a new micropub to Littleover, converting a former dentist’s surgery.

While Neil has been awaiting the decision on the application, local residents have voiced their opinion of opening a new “pub” in the area. Davina Dosanjh, practice manager for the opticians across the road believes the micropub would make it more difficult to let properties in the area and said: “I think it will make the area less attractive and potentially less safe. There are statistics that show anti-social behaviour [levels] outside licensed premises are not as good as if there was a health or residential use for the building.”

Along with Mrs Dosanjh’s views, ten other people have written to the council to complain of the plans, with a petition including 22 names being submitted to prevent the conversion.

One of the objections called the application “quite silly” it says: “We are invited to be comforted by the fact that the operator does not intend to be commercially successful, that no more than 30 customers are expected and that they will drink sufficiently to be come jolly and will chat in soft tones because they are sophisticated citizens and very interesting. Enough said.”

With another saying: “I am concerned over issues of noise disturbance, parking and safety to myself and my property, including my car, as I live next to the building.”

Neil’s application states that the maximum number of customers would not exceed 30 at a given time and proposed opening hours of 11am-11pm Monday-Saturday and from midday to 11pm on Sundays.

With micropubs still being relatively new, it seems as though locals tend to have misconceptions when they hear of a ‘pub’ opening nearby and tend to think of micropubs as simply a smaller, traditional pub.

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  1. Neil

    You should reduce the closing time to 9pm and after 1 year of no trouble go for an extension