Andrew Richard Jennings submitted an application to Huntingdonshire District Council, in hopes of opening a micropub in the Chapel of St Ledger in St Ives, serving real ales three days a week, from 6pm – 10pm.

The district council apparently received a petition with over 700 signatures and a report from St Ives Town Council regarding the premises licence.

County councillor, Paul Bullen said: “As the local member I had complaints from English Heritage, residents and town councillors and went to officers and one said they had given permission. So I told them ‘No, it’s not happening.’ The application should not be going through.

“It’s not conducive to run as a pub. There’s no sanitation, no main services. Do we need a micro pub?”

Councillor Ian Dobson also added: “It’s an iconic structure and people became aware that the application had been put in on the basis that it was not in constant use, but it is.”

“Quite a few people think there are enough pubs and bars in the town. There are lots of people passing across the bridge and why should they be confronted with the smell of beer?”

Traffic issues and public nuisance outside of the micro pub were also a concern along with dumping rubbish in the nearby river, the town council said: “With the vicinity to the river and the likelihood of outdoors drinking there is a strong risk of the river being used as a dumping ground and this will endanger the wildlife and river users.”

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