Steven Tabbernor & Ian Martin, two teachers from Leicester recently gained a liquor licence and plan to open their own micropub – The Real Ale Classroom.

The pair plan to put their own twist on the micropub by mixing their teaching experience and ale knowledge to create an educational micropub in Stoneygate. The pub will be serving a selection of local drinks from Leicestershire and bordering counties with ales, ciders, beers, stouts and perrys all available, while aiming to provide customers with educational information on the drinks at the same time.

Ian said:  “We want to educate people about local beers and ciders, and serve ale the way to used to be served – without anything in the way.

“By that I mean things like having gas, lines or taps – our beers will come directly from the keg and you’ll be able to see it displayed behind the bar in a fridge unit.

“You’ll also get things like pork pies, obviously, and cheese boards, but one thing you won’t find is a television – no sport.

“People can talk about sport, but that’s it.

“We’ll have breweries from Charnwood and Langton, as well as cider from the Bottle Kicking Cider Company, in Hallaton.

“It’s a building site at the minute – but it’ll be open in time for Christmas.”

Steven and Ian are hoping to open The Real Ale Classroom by next month as they race to get the micropub prepared.

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