The former ‘Middleton Design’ premises located on North Road is soon to become Durham’s first micropub – “The Station House” after applicants Chris and Susannah Mansfield received the green light from Durham County Council.

Amidst the concerns from locals that the micropub will bring disturbance and noise to the area, the council believes the couple addressed the locals concerns and wished the business success granting them with a license to sell alcohol until 11pm and serve until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Susannah said: “Obviously I’m very pleased. I think they made the right decision.”

and added: “We’re aiming at anyone who likes high-quality drinks and conversation.”

Some locals raised concerns due to the buildings location, being positioned on the corner of the road, some people fear the safety of the road when punters are leaving the premises.

Clare Wright was concerned that the pub will be frequented by students that live nearby and said: “I currently feel safe. I’m not sure I shall feel like that in future” due to issues walking home past other local pubs in the area.

Susannah will be running the micropub herself and in the micropub tradition, would like to bring the community closer together, not work against it.

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