At the beginning of the year, The Golden Smog micropub was targeted as thieves ripped the bars off a window, proceeding to steal collection boxes for the Great North Air Ambulance and the Boro Walkers Association.

Golden Smog owner, John Christine said: “People have helped us to raise thousands and thousands for charities and then for someone to come along and do this, it’s just so frustrating,” he said.

“We are absolutely gutted here about what’s happened, proper gutted.”

he continued: “I didn’t notice straightaway but when I was looking round I saw the charity boxes had gone from the bar.

“We get about £60 usually when they are full and both of the boxes were pretty full when they were taken.

“The charities won’t be out of pocket, I will replace that money.

“People are very kindly saying they will be donating to the boxes when they pop in and that is really kind but I will still be covering what has been stolen too.

“I am always surprised by the kindness of people who come into the pub, but sadly this shows not everyone is like that.

“So if you happen to see a Great North Air Ambulance or Boro Walkers collection tin thrown away anywhere, let us know.”

Along with the charity boxes, the thieves also took the CCTV box from the micropub.

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