Currently, the print shop premises on Carlton Hill sits vacant but Robert Harvey & Diane Woodward both hope to change this and to get locals out & closer together after submitting an application to change the building to a licensed premises.

The application says:

“Our aim is to be a social place for our neighbours to visit, whilst offering a warm and friendly place to come to, either by themselves, or as a family,” they wrote in their application.

“There is a large retirement age catchment within our immediate area, and we would like to see people getting out of their home and socialising and will offer an environment that they are comfortable to do that in.

“We feel that in our local immediate area, where there are plentiful places to drink, there is a call for something a little more exclusive.

“We would like to use the ground level of the building to operate a micro pub, purveying high quality real ale to the connoisseur, whilst operating a zero tolerance on underage drinking, drugs, weapons and drunk behaviour,”

The application also states that: “Our emphasis is on the quality of the experience and product, not excessive consumption.”

Nicki Brooks, who represents the area for Nottinghamshire County Council, gave her support to the application, saying:

“We have not got a lot of pubs in the area compared to others and the ones we do have are not as welcoming to the older generations, so I think it is brilliant.

“Anything that bolsters the community and brings them together is a great idea and I wish them the best of luck with it.”

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