North Londoner, Richard Reeves, 51, started 2015 with his new years resolution, which involved his hobby of cycling along with his love for real ale.

The aim was to cycle to 100 different micropubs throughout the UK, totalling more than 2,000 miles to raise money for the charity – Alzheimers UK. Working throughout the year in stages, Richard has now achieved his goal, finishing the journey at The Penny Farthing micropub in Crayford, Greater London and managed to raise over £5,500 for the charity. Richard visited a total of 116 micropubs in a 2219 mile trip while suffering only two punctures and one broken chain.

Richard said: “It’s almost a return to the old fashion pubs, I received donations from friends and family but had a lot of support from the micropubs I visited.

“One pub even raised money by creating a one-off beer for my ride, called Richard’s micropub bitter. All of the pubs stood out to me for different reasons, whether it was their fundraising methods or just the stories behind them.

“I think micropubs are a real success story, almost all micropubs are run by individuals, not faceless corporations.

“They put cask ale centre stage and understand the importance of an environment that encourages conversation.”

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